Monday, March 31, 2008

Media Monday: Shila in action

I came home, let the dogs out (I totally let them out - was anybody asking), and ran around outside with them to tucker their little butts out a bit so I can go take a nap in peace.

I give you - Media Monday - Shila in action being a big ol freak

More media coming soon from a geocaching trip and some pics snapped from around the front yard.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tricks: Good Paw!

I suppose I had to embarrass Shila in front of the Internet crowd before she would show me 'Paw'. The other night I was having her show off a gallery of tricks and she whipped out her paw when I asked for it. Perhaps this should be a lesson to others on teaching your stocky little bull dog how to paw, they lift from their shoulder and not from their elbows. When that paw came out it was like a punch from the shoulder. Up and around the body then *BAM* here's my paw, with a spec of attitude.


Now to do it again, 'Paw' Shila!


I love my dog. Footages coming soon.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tricks: 'Paw' is coming along and 'Speak' is quite overpowering

Paw is slow going but we are working on it. We have a little puppy party every time she gets it right. Typically paw leads to "I will climb on you now" which can be a little overwhelming. Speaking of overwhelming, we also taught her to use her voice on command as well as a few non-commanded times. "Speak Shila!" results in a super squeaky high pitched barking fit. "Sit Shila!" seems to have the same effect. "Lay Down Shila!" results in sitting, followed by speaking, followed by chasing after the kid on the red bike. This dog has some serious A.D.D. and we don't have the tools to completely captivate her yet but I'm working on it, stay tuned for details about that.

Speak is a somewhat naughty trick to teach a dog. I don't really care for overly noisy dogs but at the same time she whines and squeals like a little pig when she's excited. She wants to get some noise out of her. Barking lets her be herself, and its neat most of the time she waits for us to permit her to do that. It kinda shows a wonky respect for us. Sam has similar "You don't have to be a good little lapdog right now" command. He is a hunter and a chaser so we sit with him while on leash then slowly unlatch him and say "Go get it!". He jumps and runs for about 20 feet forward until that nose of his gets the best of him. From that point on he's just himself, sniffing away at nature and chasing a bounty of bunnies. Sometimes if there really is something to "Go get it!" he'll.. well he'll go get it.

Treats: Nuts for Coconuts

A long time ago I saw a video on Animal Planet or the like about a lady in Hawaii that feeds her Staffordshire Bull Terrier cocounts. The dog got accustomed to going over to a cooker and lifting the lid, taking out a coconut and chewing it up all over the ladies lawn. The organic waste helped the lawn (guess the dog went through a lot of coconuts) and the dog had a nice high fiber diet. Dogs of course don't need high fiber to be regular or healthy. Their high acid tummies love meat.

I can't seem to find the video online. Hmm..

Shila totally digs coconuts once I cracked it open for her. I'm going to have to buy the coconuts with the husk on them still so she can get her rip on. The ones I bought are easy-open just bang against a rock types that were amazing for a whole minute when I threw it on the ground. Sam launched himself at it playfully and pranced around with it in his mouth a bit (big mouth). Shila was interested in bugging Sam while he played with it but not very impressed with it as a toy. I took her and the coconut outside for a little lesson I like to call "Break it and find out whats inside".

I smacked the coconut on a garden rock and clear juice spilled out all over the place. Shila showed her interest immediately by showing off her pretty baroo face. "It's Juicy?"

Sam and Shila each got a half a broken coconut and ate away on the meat. I think by the end of the night all the meat was gone and the dogs were happy. When I took Shila out this morning she scrambled to the backyard and found some remains of the tropical treat to munch on. I do believe we've found a fun little snack that is 100% natural. Anybody know any good reason dogs shouldn't have coconuts?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mini-Adventure: Eagle River and the Puppy

First off, to whoever was walking their puppy near Eagle River last Monday, I'm sorry.

Shila isn't the best of dogs when she is on leash and out of her element. I have *GOT* to remember to bring the squirt gun with me on all walks outside of the neighborhood. She terrified a puppy, and quite possibly the owner when they approached our truck mere seconds after letting the dogs out. Thankfully I yelled out "She's new and kind of a pain. Not too friendly." so owner man could hide his precious puppy paws away before they were nipped off. Again dude, sorry. I hope we meet in a more civil way later on down the road.

We took a walk down a path following Eagle River and walked over the ice a bit. Sam enjoyed the cool breeze and the watery noises, Shila just wanted to sniff sniff sniff. After continuing on quite a ways we found a good location to let Sam roam free while we worked with Shila on-leash. She doesn't like to put any part of her except her feet on the snow so 'sit' and 'lay down' were out of the question. Instead I propped up a fallen birch on an angle and get her jumping up and over it. I'm not very coordinated yet while working with Shila. Watching me you'd think I had no idea what I'm doing - and I don't. Shila was a hopping away, she only wanted to go under the birch once or twice to chase after Teresa who was teasing her from the other side of the hurdle. Jump up on the hurdle, jump down off the hurdle. Kind of a silly approach but it works, won't win her any speed competitions however. She'd hop over, turn around and prop herself up on the hurdle expecting a treat. I learned I need to be throwing the treat over the hurdle when she just starts to lift off.

Teresa really doesn't want me getting my hopes up about Shila being a flyballer. I agree, and noted she said nothing about agility courses. But it's gonna be about the same there too, Shila needs to be civil and comfortable being around strange dogs.

Is a muzzled trip to the dog park in order? Would that just torment her to no end? Am I just being impatient? I mean really. I haven't had her long enough for her to just know how things are done.

We put the Momma in 'Momma Shila'

Huzzah! Nice and pretty puppy pictures all around (Courtesy Carol @ AKDogRescue)! A few of the rugrats have found there way back to where were sent packing a few months earlier. They are probably just stinkers, a lot like Shila! Now, without further-a-do (eh?).

The pups when they were brand spanking new!

Introducing Morgan! (Adoption Page)

And the ferocious Diesel!

Carol is also taking care of a lovable terrier who needs a good home, click here for more info.

Red, A dog who wants to be adopted.

Open to Suggestions: The Konami Code

I need some feedback on something. I want to teach Shila the Konami Code as an uber geeky trick. Me and maybe 5 other people she will ever meet will know what it really is when it happens, and when it does happen I expect them to let it all sink in then exclaim "Holy Cow, Did that just happen?!". What a good doggies she will be.

The Code (Courtesy Wikipedia):
The Konami Code.

Up means jump. Down means lay down and probably come to a sit before the next down. Left and Right could be leaning, paw, rolling, sneezing, whatever. and B and A are open to suggestion. What do you think Left Right and B and A should be?